Is HC Verma enough

Is HC Verma enough for Physics preparation in JEE Main and NEET? Let’s find out

Is HC Verma enough?

For students enrolled in the science stream in grades 11 and 12, physics is one of the more challenging courses. The majority of the time, students are introduced to more complex ideas as they move up the educational ladder from lower to higher classes.

It is the same pattern that is observed in physics. New ideas are presented, most of which are challenging.

The concepts can be learned, though, and this article is all about physics study methods and advice. Students will also discover some of the top exam preparation books, particularly concerning JEE and NEET.

Let’s first talk about HC Verma

H C Verma, a nuclear experimental physicist and the author of Concepts of Physics (Vols. 1 & 2), is also the author of several other books, including Foundation Science Physics for Class 9 and Dominion Status vs. Complete Independence.

He holds a lectureship at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, where he also earned his doctorate.

His favourite study areas include condensed matter, earth science topics like meteorites and extinction boundaries, and materials applications.

He is currently working on a book on electromechanics.

Now, Let’s talk about his famous book: Concepts Of Physics.

It is a thorough book for students in higher secondary education, especially those getting ready for the JEE & NEET. The book’s abundance of solved and unsolved numerical problems effectively meets the needs of students.

The book has been around for about 20 years and continues to be the best book that engineering aspirants admire.

The following details explain why H C Verma is the most popular and suggested book for JEE & NEET preparations:


True to its title, the book clearly explains each concept, starting with the fundamentals before advancing to formulae and equations with the aid of examples from the real world.

There is absolutely no room for confusion due to the language’s consistency and simplicity. The topics are gradually explained, moving from a basic level to a higher level.


The text by the author clearly explains the concepts by using several extraordinary examples. Solved examples can be extrapolated to solve numerical problems with a similar structure, which is extremely helpful for understanding concepts.

The book is especially recommended by JEE and NEET aspirants for its numerical content.


The questions are arranged in order of increasing difficulty to maintain interest while being solved. To give you experience dealing with such a situation in the real world, the inventive numerical engages applications of the concepts. The short answer questions carry just as much weight.

Every concept is covered by unbiased questions and exercises. The questions are written in such an engaging manner that they get your mind working and force you to think creatively.


In this book, the fundamentals are explained with ease. The theory is concise and easy to understand because of its clarity. The best exam format is the multiple-choice question (MCQ), which keeps concepts straightforward and matches the problems with the JEE and NEET exams. and the ideas are explained in simple terms. It’s an excellent book for a novice.


The excellent MCQs in the book are another highlight. Before tackling the numerical problems, you can complete these to test your basic knowledge. The Rotational Dynamics and Friction MCQs should be sufficient to convey the value of this book.

One of the most frequently recommended textbooks for JEE aspirants is H C Verma. The questions have been arranged thoughtfully. The toughness level is gradually raised. This makes it very interesting to solve the problems. Many people enjoy solving the puzzles in this book as a hobby.

One’s genuine enjoyment of solving this book is the main factor. The way that questions are created is very inventive. The only way to learn physics is through real-world examples, which are used to illustrate every concept.

Highlights of HC Verma Solutions:

The most popular study resource for creating strong conceptual clarity and in-depth understanding of fundamental physics concepts is by far HC Verma solutions.

The solutions to multiple choice questions, numerical problems, objective questions, short answers, and other questions are included in each chapter.

  1. The HC Verma book solutions include proper and descriptive explanations that can assist students in developing a strong foundational base in physics.
  2. Overall, studying from HC Verma Solutions vol 1 and 2 is the best way to improve your problem-solving abilities in physics. Proper solutions aid in the quick understanding of basic and advanced concepts commonly tested in JEE, NEET, BITSAT, and other engineering and medical entrance exams.

If I study from both H.C. Verma and NCERT books, will it be sufficient for tackling Physics questions in JEE exams?

It is always difficult to say which study material is the best because each student has their learning style. All that matters is effective preparation, which is essential for performing well on JEE exams.

Studying from H.C. Verma and NCERT books is a good start, but you should make an effort to learn and understand the concepts thoroughly. These books contain detailed explanations that will help you understand the various Physics concepts.

These books also include a lot of exercises that will help you practise problem-solving effectively. In essence, these books can be useful resources if you put in more effort to study effectively. 

But, you will surely need extra help with ThinkIIT’s test samples just to be sure on concepts and tricky questions at JEE and NEET.

So, what are our thoughts on HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics?

Additionally, H C Verma is a wealth of knowledge when learning the concepts before taking test series from your coaching institute.

Although the same author has written a separate book with the answers to the numerical in the book, it is always preferable to try the answers on your own first.

In general, the book covers all of the topics covered in the JEE and NEET syllabuses. We have no criticisms for any of the chapters. However, the book would have been even better if it had included a greater number and variety of problems. The student should address this issue by working through problems from other books, previous years’ question papers, and test series, among other things.

If you learn the concepts from H.C.Verma and solve numerous problems from other sources such as ThinkIIT, your physics preparation for JEE will be complete.

While we recommend starting your journey with H.C.Verma, we do not recommend being satisfied with it. Although the H.C.Verma book contains a wealth of numerical, it is insufficient for JEE preparation.

The MCQs, on the other hand, are very well designed to address specific gaps in the concepts that students develop after reading the chapter. Some of us spent hours racking our brains over ice friction problems:

Sincerely speaking, H C Verma is a fantastic book, but it is insufficient to achieve the desired rank in JEE Advanced. 

To fill in the gaps and prepare you to achieve higher marks in JEE and NEET, you must use the sample papers provided by ThinkIIT.

HC Verma Physics for NEET

HC Verma is one of the most popular books for physics among NEET aspirants. The book covers all the important topics of physics in a very systematic manner. The book also has a large number of solved examples which help the students to understand the concepts better. The book also has a large number of practice questions which help the students to prepare for the exam in a better manner.

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