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Before development of a product, we do rigorous Research and Analysis and understand the actual requirement of customers.

Then our Highly-Qualified and Efficient tech-team gives the shape to our Idea. After various round of feedback, a product is finalised and is sent for rigorous testing.

After development phase of product, it is sent to the testing team where it is being tested rigorously again and again until it is ready to go-to-market. Our testing team ensures, best user experience.

thinkIIT marks its presence in the Edtech space, by offering supplementary educational programs for Students – Schools, Colleges, Govt. & Private Educational Institutions and CSR focused Companies. Along with that, the brand exhibits expertise in designing unique, result-oriented courses for NTSE, OLYMPIAD, IIT-JEE, Engineering Exams and NEET preparations. thinkIIT is the brainchild of Kalpakosh Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – A popular Software solutions provider with a grasp over various domains.

The brand has a team of adept professionals, whose subjective expertise, imprints the quality in every course. Since its commencement in 2014, the brand has redefined the career of many aspirants across India. Their courses carry the expertise of Kota, Rajasthan, which is the hub of JEE, NEET in the K-12 segment. Courses from Kota faculties can be availed at 1/10th cost; this also helps students par with peers in Kota and other Tier 1 cities.

thinkIIT is the innovative product of Manish Kumar (Founder & Faculty – Physics) and Jnanesh Kumar (Founder). Manish carries a flair for teaching and has 17 years of hardcore experience in coaching IIT aspirants. He is an engineer imbibed with a deep understanding of the Indian education system. His ability to establish a blissful experience for learners stems from serving in leading organisations, like Brilliant, Pie Education, Bansal, Vibrant, Motion and Allen. Via thinkIIT, Manish is revolutionising the education system, blending technology and conventional teaching under one roof.

Jnanesh, on the other hand, is a technopreneur with 17 years of exposure in the IT-sphere. He has succeeded tenure with notable IT companies, like Subex, OpenClovis, Juniper Networks and Riverbed. After such a booming career, Jnanesh now focuses on building innovative solutions to foster sustainable and qualitative education to every aspirant. His efforts tether to product development and operational excellence at thinkIIT.

The prime idea behind thinkIIT was to impart access to innovative and qualitative training across the country. The tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India consists of many talent pools, that remain marginalised due to lack of industry-oriented training. The void lags these talents significantly behind of tier 1 city’s counterparts, eventually shattering the dreams of many aspirants. thinkIIT aims to stand behind these aspirants and shape their dreams into reality. All the Courses and supplementary programs are formed on in-depth research and are acknowledged, for affordability. In a short span, thinkIIT has made a remarkable presence in the education sphere and set the bar high in coaching and academic support.

thinkIIT is encompassed with enthusiastic IT professionals who help it stay updated, with the latest technologies. The team practices R&D on an extensive scale to ensure a continuum in product development. Also, the brand has a robust feedback mechanism; the team keeps a hawk’s eye on it to ensure courses address the student’s motivation and zeal. The brand also provides continuous analysis reports to parents and further work with them to ensure a student’s right frame of mind. Some of their industry extensively acknowledged courses are:

  • Online Video Lectures for JEE and NEET.
  • Online Video Lectures for Class – 9 and 10.
  • Online Test Series for JEE, NEET & NTSE.
  • Comprehensive Study Package for JEE, NEET.
  • Comprehensive Study Package for NTSE for Class – 8, 9 and 10.

Investment in innovation and R&D also helps in the marketing of their products across the country. Market research, Profiling of targeted market, Zeroing down of business avenues, Nurturing the customers and relationship, setting the target and budgets, are some of the approaches threading their marketing activities.

thinkIIT’s student-oriented approach gives it a significant upper hand in the Edtech space. Over time, the education sphere has witnessed a considerable evolution. Digital innovations like – AI, ML, IoT, etc. have revamped teaching methods and laid the foundation for many firms. In this volatility, students often find it distressful in maintaining integrity with a particular firm. But, not at thinkIIT ! The brand has a sublime approach towards its students – focusing on building a close intimacy with everyone. Some of the comprehensive measures, followed by the brand are as follows:

  • Student Orientation for all the new students.
  • Helping students envision how successful learning looks like.
  • Platform to express their thoughts and doubts.
  • Encouraging students to set their target.
  • Periodic evaluation of the target and the path travelled so far.
  • Development of critical thinking and introspection.

On top of this, thinkIIT’s competence in augmentation keeps it ahead of the herd. “We try to bring in something new each time we tweak our content”, declares Jnanesh. The use of state-of-the-art technology has led to critical developments in their products and services every year.

“We are a team of self-motivated individuals who are working on a common goal to create a niche in the EdTech segment”, says Manish. Along with the dynamic duo, thinkIIT team consists of self-empowered specialists, mainly from the IT-Sphere. Despite being a small team, the workforce is the biggest asset for the brand. From product development to streamlining their operations or performing R&D, thinkIIT’s team has addressed everything. To reward their efforts, the brand maintains a very flexible working hour and work from home as well. The agile framework fosters a work-life balance for every member on board.

thinkIIT Formation

thinkIIT was formed to be a catalyst in every aspirant’s career; this core motivation has helped it enlighten the career of around two lakh aspirants. thinkIIT is currently operating in – 160+ cities across – 25 states, in India. Along with online teaching, the Company has comprehensive test papers, subject companions, etc. These associated study materials have significant popularity in e-Commerce platforms like Amazon.

In the road ahead, thinkIIT’s focus resides on further technological augmentations. Bleeding edge technologies, such as AR & VR, which are already redefining EdTech space, are the next landmarks of thinkIIT.


What We Provide:

Study Materials

High Quality & Highly Relevant study materials for the most competitive exams of India.

Test Papers

Wide range of test papers for the student's self-evaluation and real-time stimulation of actual exam in both online & offline formats.


Softwares for the educational institutions to teach their students remotely without any barrier that too with their own customization.

“Technologies are just static objects until they are animated by human ideas”​

We Believe In Numbers

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~75% of Questions were asked in actual
exams of NEET 2021 based on our practice test papers.

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~11% Of students who use our study material and test-papers get selected in top Engineering & Medical entrance examinations

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We’ll not leave your hand just after selling our product to you. We will hand-hold and show you the path towards your success.

Our Office Locations:

Kota Office:

Near Ahimsa Circle, Shrinath Puram, Sector-A
Kota, Rajasthan

Bangalore Office:

24th Main Rd,1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka



Kota Office:

Bangalore Office:

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