12th board exams

How to prepare for 12th board exams?

12th board exams:

The board examinations are quite stressful in a student’s academic career. Better preparation for the board exams can significantly reduce stress. In the following section of this post, we will provide some helpful hints to assist you to achieve the highest possible result in your 12th examination.

Class 12 2022 Preparation Tips:

In preparation, some kids copy another brighter student, which is nearly always incorrect. Know your capabilities and do not squander your valuable time learning about the other person’s approach to preparation. Maintain your confidence while focusing your mind to begin your preparation.

The outcome of your class 12 board exams is critical. It is used as a reference for everything from getting into a college of your choice to landing the job you want. Your board exam scores will represent your aptitude at every stage. As a result, be ready to put your best foot forward right now.

A fast go through of what you can do to make the grade in your class 12 board examinations will make your preparation far easier than you anticipated. Let’s go over the rules you must follow:

Start Preparation Early:

You should begin your exam preparation as soon as the new academic year begins. So that you can thoroughly review the entire Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE 12th Syllabus before the main exam. Many students neglect their studies in the early stages, which reduces their chances of developing in-depth conceptions of the subjects and makes it harder to achieve decent grades.

Students believe they have a lot of time and begin studying when exams are approaching. So, this is not the proper way to prepare. Your Class 12th grade point average has a significant impact on your future profession. As a result, you should avoid the mistakes we discussed above.

Know the Complete Syllabus and Exam Pattern:

To adequately study for the CBSE board exam, you should be aware of the most recent CBSE Class 12 Syllabus and Exam Pattern. By determining the most recent marking scheme and weightage, you may quickly analyse various chapters in a better method. We recommend that you focus on the chapters that will have the most questions in the exam, as this will help you increase your score.

You should compile a list of things that you are familiar with, or that you find easy, and separate the ones that you find difficult. Make sure you devote more time to the difficult topics and less time to the easier ones in your study schedule.

Be Confident:

Some of the brightest kids lack self-assurance. They have a better notion of what they want to learn, good concentration, and enthusiasm for their studies, but they are always pessimistic about the outcome. They always took the study as seriously as though it were a burden on them. As a result, try to learn while having fun.

Take your studies seriously, but don’t let them overpower your confidence. Always keep a good attitude toward your exam. The most significant factor that you need to have in yourself to pass your exam is a positive attitude toward exams.

Time management:

Another key aspect of your preparation is time management. You must keep a study schedule and devote equal attention to all topics. If you follow this suggestion, you will almost likely be able to escape the stress and dread that students experience during exam preparation. Set a deadline for each subject, and only you will be able to finish your studies on time.

Be Specific & Break into Achievable Target:

Be careful to be specific in your study plan. If you have begun your trigonometry preparation, you should concentrate solely on the specific topic in trigonometry at that moment. Make a simple study plan for Class 12. Make it easier on yourself and ensure that you can finish it before the deadline.

You are aware that the CBSE Class 12 syllabus is extensive and that you will not be able to complete it in a single sitting. Allow for equal time and work in sections. Set a daily or weekly goal for yourself and work toward it. If you have spare time, you can study in addition to your schoolwork.

Make Class 12 Chapter-wise Revision Notes:

Separate notebooks should be kept for theorems, formulas, and techniques. After finishing each topic, you should summarise the various chapters and make a note of them. It will aid you in comprehending the chapter’s concept during revision. This will also allow you to read and review concepts more quickly.

After finishing a chapter, you should try to answer issues on your own for the first time. Try to answer more exercise questions on your own. If you are having trouble answering the question, you should refer to the solution or discuss it with your teacher. 

Study in groups once in a while:

This technique of learning will inevitably generate new ideas, doubts, and clarifications within the group, broadening your comprehension of the subject. Most significantly, group study will assist you in remembering what you have learned for a longer period.

Keep away from all instruments of distraction:

All social media platforms that you use to enjoy yourself, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and others, which consume more than half of your time on a typical day, are expressly prohibited from being utilised during this period. These act like viruses, killing you without your knowledge. So, keep away from these so that you can devote more time to a productive job.

Take Breaks & Stay Calm:

You should take adequate rest between study sessions. Without a suitable break, your mind will become exhausted, and your study effectiveness will suffer. Taking a 10-15 minute break every hour or two hours after you finish studying will help you rejuvenate and relax.

You should keep your cool and relax. You should undertake simple exercises and meditation daily to achieve this. Overthinking, tension, and concern are the culprits preventing you from adequately preparing for the CBSE Class 12 Board Exam.

Eat Hygenic and Stay Healthy:

You should eat clean meals and avoid eating with strangers. Because a healthy body and mind are essential for success in any profession, whether it is exam preparation or competition perpetration. You should eat well and get adequate sleep. Otherwise, you risk being ill before or during the major exam.

Solve more CBSE Class 12 Question Papers:

Following the completion of the study is a fantastic approach to mentally preparing for and being exam-ready. The more you practise and solve problem sets, the more confident you will get. You will also gain an understanding of the question type and your current level of preparedness.


You should be surprised to know that your handwriting, unlike what you thought, is extremely important to score high marks in your class 12 board exams. The reason is very simple. The faculty evaluating your answer paper should be correcting at least 40+ papers in 6 hours. So, to draw her attention to your paper, and inspire her to give you more marks, you have to make sure that your handwriting is neat and legible. Underlining important points is a great idea.

Time before the Exams:

Students are strictly advised that do not to try to read any new topic just before the exams. Get up early in the morning and revise the important topics you have marked. Stay relaxed and stressed free and be self-confident about your preparations for the examination.

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