02-Finding equivalent resistance and solving electrical circuits
IIT JEE Mains and Advanced video lectures for Current Electricity (Finding equivalent resistance and solving electrical circuits). The notes and videos on Current Electricity have been prepared meticulously by highly qualified and experienced teachers in the field of IIT Preparation having vast experience teaching in Kota. Since, IIT is a problem solving based approach exam, the students not going to coaching centers don't focus on the problematic aspects of Current Electricity. These notes will provide a major impetus in the course of students' preparation for IIT-JEE.The topic covers following sub-topic which is in the IIT-JEE MAINS and ADVANCED syllabus, Ohm's law, Series and parallel arrangements of resistances and cells; Kirchhoff's laws and simple applications; Heating effect of current, types of material,uniform and non uniform current, effect of heat on resistance, ohmic and non ohmic conductor,difference between emf and potential difference,solving the resistive circuit,kcl and kvl,equivalent battery,grouping of cells,ammeter, voltmeter, potentiometer, , These notes and Videos are helpful to all students aspiring for JEE Mains, Advanced and other engineering exams like BITSAT, CET Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh etc. These IIT JEE notes and IIT JEE video lectures are prepared by best teachers as per syllabus of IIT JEE Physics