08-Electronic confriguration and rules of electron filling
IIT JEE Mains and Advanced video lectures for Atomic Structure (Electronic confriguration and rules of electron filling ). The notes and videos on Atomic Structure have been prepared meticulously by highly qualified and experienced teachers in the field of IIT Preparation having vast experience teaching in Kota. Since, IIT is a problem solving based approach exam, the students not going to coaching centers don't focus on the problematic aspects of Atomic Structure. These notes will provide a major impetus in the course of students' preparation for IIT-JEE.The topic covers following sub-topic which is in the IIT-JEE MAINS and ADVANCED syllabus.Atomic Structure,Dalton's atomic theory,thomson model of atom,rutherford alpha scattering experiment,rutherford model or planetry model,planck quantum theory,electomagnetic radiations,bohr's model for H and H like atoms,atomic spectra of hydrogen,sommerfeld model,orbital and quantum number,orbital wave functions,probablity distribution,plots of angular wave function theta and phi,quantum numbers,shape of orbitals,pauli exclusion principle,aufbau principle,magnetic properties,compton effect,locate group and period if atomic number is given,photoelectric effect,moseley's work and atomic number , These notes and Videos are helpful to all students aspiring for JEE Mains, Advanced and other engineering exams like BITSAT, CET Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh etc. These IIT JEE notes and IIT JEE video lectures are prepared by best teachers as per syllabus of IIT JEE Chemistry