Cancellation and Return policy

We are committed to provide you best service. However if you face any difficulties, please check the below mentioned policies:

  • Please check our demo links before deciding to buy any product(s). For example: It is advised to try our demo test series before buying online test series packages.
  • For lecture notes, there won’t be any refund or cancellation under any circumstances. Hence, we highly recommend you to have a look at free lecture notes/materials before making any purchases.
  • In case of test series, user will get full refund if they have not attempted any test in topic wise test, part test or full test.
  • User can’t claim refund if they have attempted even a single test.
  • Website is not responsible for slow internet connections, issue with the equipment used to take the test, power failures, mobile battery issues etc. Website deducts the test from user’s account as soon as they start the test by agreeing to terms and conditions on instruction page.
  • If user is not able to complete the test due to logistic issues at their end, there will not be any refund or increase in number of tests in any format (topic wise/part test/ full test). Number of tests from the attempted category (topic wise/part test/ full test) will still be deducted from user’s account.
  • We have plenty of questions for all the topics. However, they will start repeating once user has exhausted all the questions of a particular topic.
  • In case of any other technical difficulties like package not appearing in user’s account after the payment, user is not able to see lecture notes after the payment or any other website related issue, please contact us at We are committed to provide a resolution within 2 working days.